Standards for Provincial Nominee Program tightening

While the latest results of research conducted on provincial immigration programs suggests that the majority of immigrants who entered Canada under the provincial immigration programs have been very successful in their new lives. And although the Provincial Nominee immigration program is the second largest economic program after the federal Skilled Worker Program, still Canadian Immigration Minister recently announced that it intends to tighten the standards for acceptance of PNP candidates.
In 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada plans to let in between 42,000 to 45,000 immigrants under the PNP program.

Although PNP has been very effective in regionalizing immigrants among all Canadian provinces, but it is still dealing one major issue. A lot of immigrants who come to Canada under the specific PNP do not tend to stay in that province and they migrate to another provinces. The Western provinces have been much more successful than the Atlantic Provinces. They study, which is based on the number of immigrant to filed their tax return in 200 shows, that only 56% of the ones who have immigrated to Atlantic Province stayed but in Alberta and British Columbia this number reaches to over 95%.

The report also points out certain areas of the PNP that are in need of enhancement, such as some sides of program design, delivery and accountability. Currently, each province and territory with a PNP is responsible for the design and program requirements for their nominee categories, which must always respect federal immigration regulations.

In order to ensure better economic outcomes, the report recommends that there should be minimum language standards for all provincial nominees, in addition to stronger links between PN occupations and specific local labour market needs. It also calls for greater clarity in the roles and responsibilities of the provinces and territories and CIC visa offices abroad in areas such as fraud detection.

At last the report recommends that CIC is going to work with the provinces and territories to strengthen the focus on the PNP objective of encouraging the development of official language minority communities.


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