Modifications to Quebec Immigration Rules

Adjustments have been made to the selection grid for candidates who are skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors or self-employed workers. These adjustments affect all applications received as of December 30, 2014 as well as applications received before this date that have not yet been subject to a preliminary review.

From now on, for the criteria “Level of education,” 14 points will be attributed to principal applicants who hold a doctoral degree. This will allow the Ministère to favour the arrival of candidates with cutting-edge knowledge vital to the development of Québec’s areas of excellence.

For the applications of spouses submitted under the Skilled Worker Program and the Self-Employed Worker Program, an additional point will be attributed to individuals who hold a master’s degree or doctoral degree.

Moreover, candidates who have a valid job offer in the Montréal metropolitan area will receive an additional two points. Immigrants who have a valid job offer integrate more quickly into Québec’s job market.


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