Manitoba Reopens Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

As of April 30, 2015, the Canadian province of Manitoba has reopened the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Through the MPNP, Manitoba seeks skilled workers and their families who have the documented intention and ability to settle successfully in Manitoba and establish themselves economically as permanent residents of Canada.

The skilled workers with a connection to Manitoba portion of this stream allows people with a connection to Manitoba, either through having family or friends in Manitoba or having prior work experience or education in Manitoba, to immigrate as permanent residents, as long as they also fulfil other eligibility criteria. Candidates may also be invited to make an application by the MPNP.

The Manitoba Employment portion of the stream allows certain applicants currently working in Manitoba to make an application. Manitoba Employment is not subject to intake periods, and receives applications year round.

Being nominated for immigration to Canada through the MPNP provides successful applicants with expedited processing of their Canadian immigration application.

Manitoba’s new ‘Expression of Interest’ approach for this stream is designed to provide faster processing for individuals with the skills needed in Manitoba’s labour market.  Candidates must obtain at least 60 points in order to be eligible to apply. The highest ranking skilled workers will be invited to submit a full application to the MPNP during regular draws from the pool.

Interestingly, the MPNP points grid assigns the maximum number of points for

  • Age
  • language proficiency of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 or above.

These parameters may benefit candidates who may not be eligible for other Provincial Nominee Programs or a federal economic immigration program.

Points are also awarded for adaptability,  such as having a close relative in Manitoba or having a friend or distant relative in Manitoba. A Manitoba Supporter must be the applicant’s close relative or friend/distant relative, and must be:

  • able to provide documents proving they reside and are established in Manitoba and have been living in the province continuously for at least one year;
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • able to demonstrate sufficiently close ties to the applicant and to Manitoba; and
  • able to demonstrate that any applications they previously supported resulted in successful, permanent economic establishment in Manitoba.

To be considered a close relative, a Manitoba Supporter must be related to the applicant (or the applicant’s spouse) in one of the following ways:

  • sister or brother;
  • niece or nephew;
  • aunt or uncle;
  • first cousin;
  • mother or father; or
  • grandmother or grandfather.

An additional five points are available to candidates wishing to immigrate to a town or region outside Winnipeg, the provincial capital city.

If you wish to know more about different ways to immigrate to Province of Manitoba,  feel free to contact one of our offices.


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