Liberals reversing Bill C-24

Globe and Mail reports ” Immigration Minister John McCallum says the government will announce significant changes to the Citizenship Act in the coming days.”

Based on the published reports, Mr. McCallum said Tuesday that the Liberals will soon follow through on their election pledge to repeal the Conservatives’ controversial Bill C-24, which gave the government the power to revoke Canadian citizenship from dual citizens convicted of terrorism, treason or espionage.

Although the minister hasn’t announced an exact date but he has mentioned that it will be “in coming days, but not very many days.”

The liberal government announcement will make it impossible for the government to revoke citizenship.

In addition there will be some other changes to this bill, removing barriers to citizenship posed by Bill C-24.

One of the major issues in Bill C-24 is a provision stiffening language requirements for newcomers. Before Bill C-24 became into force, permanent residents between the ages of 18 and 54 were required to meet language requirements in English or French and pass a Canadian knowledge test, and interpreters were allowed for the knowledge section of the test. But this Bill changed the age group. As such, the age range expanded to 14 to 64, and interpreters were no longer allowed to help.

The government might make changes to this section of the Bill as well.


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