Proof of Funds in 2018- Skilled Immigrants (Express Entry)

Applicants would typically need to demonstrate that they have sufficient money for supporting themselves and their family after they get to Canada. This is applicable unless the applicant:

  • s currently authorised for working in Canada and,
  • Has a valid job offer from an employer in Canada

Applicants would need to note that they would not be able to borrow this money from another individual. They would need to use this money for covering the costs of living for their family. This is applicable even if the family is not accompanying the applicant to Canada.

Applicants would also need to provide proof to the Canadian visa office in their home countries that they possess sufficient money when they apply to immigrate.

It is worth noting that the amount of money that applicants need for supporting their families typically depends upon the size of their families. The authorities revise these amounts each year. Applicants would need to note the details specified in the table below.

Number of Family Members

Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)















Each additional family member



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