About West Pass Canada Immigration Company

Immigrating to Canada and making this decision is an eminent step in the lives of those who pursue this vision. Most importantly, affirming that your Canadian immigration process will be launched smoothly and successfully is an essential requirement for you.

Hiring a competent Immigration consultant can play an important role in achieving your dream and facilitating your arrival to your new life in Canada. By hiring an immigration consultant you will decrease the chance of getting refused by visa officers because of common mistakes that you, the applicant, might do. Furthermore, researching through Canada’s Immigration Laws can also be complex to do on your own, especially since the burden of proof will be on you, the applicant, to prove that you meet all of the necessary criteria for immigration to Canada.

Weather you are drawn by the idea of immigration to Canada, sponsoring a family member from abroad or coming on a temporary visa to work, study or visit temporarily, our Canadian Immigration Consultancy firm, WEST PASS INC., can help you put forth your best application.

At WEST PASS INC. we have made it our principal target to assist you with your immigration application and to make certain that you will acquire your permanent or temporary residency.

Shirin Edarechi Gilani, consultant of the Canadian Immigration consultancy firm, WEST PASS INC. (Banian Saadat), has distinct expertise in all areas related to Canadian Immigration classes, represents and advises foreign nationals who are interested in migration to Canada as permanent or temporary residents.

Mrs. Edarechi Gilani, is a good standing member of the Immigration Consultants of Canadian Regulatory Council (ICCRC) with the membership number R410143. Since October 28, 2011, ICCRC became the sole regulatory body for immigration consultants. Following the decision made by the Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, the only consultants who can legally provide immigration services for a fee are members of the ICCRC.

She is also recognized by the Quebec Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities as an immigration consultant registered with the Registre Québécois des Consultants en Immigration. Mrs. Edarechi’s registry number is: 11101. In November 4, 2010 the Regulation of Immigration Consultant entered into forced by the Minister of Immigration et Communautés Culturelles du Québec.  Based on this regulation only Immigration Consultants who are registered with the government of Quebec are allowed to represent individuals who make an application to the Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities.

WEST PASS INC. is proudly the official representative of two of the Major Canadian Banks promoting Canadian Immigrant Investor program.  Both of these banks are managing the Government Immigration Program.

1. Scotia Bank: Scotiabank Group has been involved with the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program since 1986

2. Desjardins Bank: with more than 20 years of experience, Desjardins has been authorized by the government to manage the Immigration Investor program

Our experienced and motivated immigration staff are well aware that no advertisement is more effective than having a satisfied customer.