Canada Immigration Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Find Answers to all your Canada Immigration Questions

The following set of questions and answers is the most comprehensive one pertaining Canada immigration procedures. This FAQ is regularly updated to ensure the continued accuracy of the information with respect to ongoing changes in the Canada immigration laws and regulations. Please click on the section heading to view the responses.

Introduction to Canada Immigration

  • What is a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa?
  • How is a Work Permit different from a Canada Immigration Visa?
  • Can I apply for Permanent Resident status and temporary status (Work Permit/Study Permit/Temporary Resident Visa) at the same time?
  • I have heard that Canada Immigration Regulations will be changing. How will I be affected?
  • Is there a benefit to using an attorney for immigration to Canada?

Federal Skilled Workers (Professionals)

  • Do I qualify for a Canada Immigration Visa under the Skilled Worker category?
  • Can I still qualify as a Federal Skilled Worker if I do not have work experience in the 29 qualifying occupations?
  • Can you assess my eligibility under the Skilled Worker category?
  • May I qualify under the Skilled Worker category even if I score less than 67 points?
  • May I be refused under the Skilled Worker category even if I score more than 67 points?
  • Can the Skilled Worker category pass mark change?
  • Under the Skilled Worker category, who may be included in my Application?
  • Can my file be transferred from one Canadian Immigration Office to another?
  • Is work experience a requirement?
  • Does my work experience have to be related to my education in order to be recognized?
  • Is credit given for experience gained during post-secondary studies?
  • Will my application benefit if I have a close relative in Canada?
  • Will I be interviewed by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officer?
  • Is there anything I can do to obtain an interview waiver?

Quebec Skilled Workers

  • What is a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat du Sélection du Québec)?
  • How is immigrating to Quebec different than immigrating to the rest of Canada?
  • Why are the requirements different for a CSQ than for a Federal Skilled Worker application?
  • If I don’t speak French, can I still obtain a CSQ?
  • If I qualify as a Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker and obtain a CSQ, do I then have to meet the points requirement for the Federal Skilled Worker Program?
  • Who can I include on my CSQ application?

Provincial Nomination Program

  • What is the Provincial Nomination Program?
  • Which Provinces participate in the Provincial Nomination Program?
  • Is the Province of Quebec part of the Provincial Nomination Program?
  • Is Provincial Nomination a requirement for Canadian immigration?
  • What is the advantage of obtaining a Provincial Nomination?
  • What criteria do most provinces look for in their Nominees?

Business Immigration

  • What is the Business Immigration Program?
  • What documents must I provide in support of my application under the Business Immigration Program?
  • Under the Business Immigration Program, am I required to live in a particular province?
  • How can I qualify under the Immigrant Investor Program?
  • How can I prove that my net worth has been lawfully obtained?
  • As an Immigrant Investor, will I be obliged to work and/or engage in business activities in Canada?
  • What are the main differences between the Federal and Quebec Immigrant Investor programs?
  • How can I qualify under the Entrepreneur Program?
  • Are there conditions attached to a Canada Immigration Visa issued under the Entrepreneur Program?
  • How can I qualify under the Self-Employed Persons Program?
  • Are there any minimum net worth requirements for Self-Employed Persons?

Family Sponsorship

  • Who qualifies for a Canada Immigration Visa under the Family Sponsorship category?
  • Who can be included in the Sponsored person’s application for a Canada Immigration Visa?
  • Who qualifies as a “Dependent Child”?
  • Must the dependents of the Sponsored person accompany the Sponsored person to Canada?
  • What financial criteria must be satisfied to qualify as a Sponsor?
  • How long will the entire Sponsorship Application process take?

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