Quebec Skilled Worker FAQ

What is a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat du Sélection du Québec)?

A Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat du Sélection du Québec) allows you to immigrate to, and settle in Quebec. If your intended destination in Canada is within the province of Quebec, you must obtain a CSQ before you obtain a Permanent Resident Visa.

How is immigrating to Quebec different than immigrating to the rest of Canada?

Quebec is responsible for selecting immigrants to settle within the province. In order to immigrate to Quebec, you must first obtain a Cértificat du Sélection du Québec (Quebec Selection Certificate, commonly known as a CSQ). It is important to note that a CSQ is not a Permanent Residence Visa. Once you submit an application for a CSQ, your qualifications are assessed at the provincial level, and once you receive approval at the provincial level (your CSQ) your application is submitted at the federal level for medical and security checks. You receive your Permanent Residence Visa after being approved at the federal level.

Why are the requirements different for a CSQ than for a Federal Skilled Worker application?

Quebec is a culturally distinct province, and the only fully francophone province in Canada. Your chances of being selected by Quebec depend on your ability and willingness to settle and work in the province and adapt to the daily life.

If I don’t speak French, can I still obtain a CSQ?

Possibly. The selection is done on a points-based assessment. If you meet the minimum points requirement without speaking French you may still be granted the CSQ. Fill out our online assessment forms to find out if you qualify.

If I qualify as a Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker and obtain a CSQ, do I then have to meet the points requirement for the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

No. It is important to note that the selection criteria for a Quebec Skilled Worker are not the same as those for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. If you obtain a CSQ, your application must still be submitted at the federal level for security and medical checks. However, your qualifications do not need to be assessed at the federal level, as the province will already have approved them and selected you for immigration to Quebec.

Who can I include on my CSQ application?

You can include your spouse or common-law partner on your application, as well as any of your dependent children aged 22 or younger.

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