Quebec Entrepreneur Class

The Quebec Entrepreneur class of Canadian immigration was designed to allow qualified business owners and managers the opportunity to obtain a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa, provided that they can effectively create or acquire an agricultural, commercial or industrial business in the Province of Quebec.

If you are an entrepreneur planning to apply for permanent residence in Quebec and you possess business ownership and managerial experience (agricultural, industrial or commercial), and the intention to actively manage a business and create employment opportunities for Canada citizens and permanent residents in Quebec, you may apply for this category.

Quebec Entrepreneur has two streams.

  1. Stream One: This stream is focused on new businesses or startups established in the province with the support of either of the following organizations in the province of Quebec:
    1. Business incubator
    2. Business Accelerator
    3. University Entrepreneurship Centre
  2. Stream Two: This stream is targeting owner-funded and operated business

All Quebec Entrepreneurs will be expected to meet with the following requirements prior to their acceptance:

Intended Destination Province of Quebec
Minimum Net Worth Have legally acquired a minimum of CAD$900,000 in net worth, alone or with the help of their spouse or common-law partner.
Business project Demonstrate a successful evaluation of the business project.
Education Level At least secondary school general ( 4 Years) diploma
Business and/or Management Experience Have acquired a minimum of two years’ work experience in business management (planning, supervision and control of human, physical and financial resources) over the course of five years prior to the submission of the candidate’s application and controlled at least 25% of the capital equity. Must also have accumulated this work experience in a profitable business (agricultural, commercial or industrial enterprise) and in a position defined as a full time.
Deposit for startup Provide a start-up deposit of $300,000 for a business in the metropolitan area of Montreal and a deposit of $200,000 for a business outside the metropolitan area of Montreal.


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