West Pass Educational and Information Packages

Our Educational and Information Packages for Immigration to Canada.

Guide Booklets to Immigrate to Canada

Beyond pursuing your immigration application and permanent residency visa and with the aim of helping applicants to gain access to accurate information, West Pass has prepared educational and information packages. These packages are free of charge for West Passes’ clients.

  • Manual for Physicians
  • Manual for Nurses
  • Manual for preparing applications for personal interview with Canada Immigration Visa Officer

West Pass team has been researching for a while to gather a complete data on preparation for personal interview with the Canadian Immigration Visa Officers. The result is finally ready and has been published in a booklet. In this significant booklet we will help you to prepare for your interview day.

West Pass Customer Portal

After months of trying our software team launched our customers Portal. The primary purpose of launching this portal is to communicate with our customers in a more powerful way. Key features of this portal gives our clients the ability to: Check file numbers online, review immigration application progress online, Informing our clients on the missing documents on their files and helping our clients to follow up process and progress on each step. Evidently, this portal will accelerate our relationship with our clients and customers and give them the opportunity to access their files 24 hours.

Guide for newcomers for their first days in Ontario

This booklet will teach you the most important information you need for the first two weeks of your arrival in Ontario.

Provide case specific consultations

If you have a specific question in regard to your case or you need to track, add or change information in your file, we can help you and communicate on your behalf with the Canadian Immigration Offices to update your case.

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